Mental Well Being

Mental wellbeing is an integral part of our overall health. Society often thinks of health as something biological and physical: the condition of our bodies, how healthy we eat, the physical exercise we do. A key component of health is missing from this, though. It’s mental wellbeing, which encompasses our inner workings and the way we describe how we are in our lives.

Wellbeing exists in myriad ways. These mental wellbeing examples are but a handful of ways people can be mentally healthy:

  • The man who loses his job and uses his love of learning to take some classes to start a new career path that better matches his passions
  • The woman who makes it a point to attend or visit concerts, plays, and museums because she feels joy and inspiration when she does
  • The teen athlete who is cut from a team so, with determination and grit, trains hard to make the team next season
  • The woman who once experienced a period of homelessness and now gives back by volunteering in the organizations that helped her in the past
  • The man whose wife had an affair lets go of bitterness and resentment by forgiving her and divorcing her civilly and then moves on with his life
  • The human being with anxiety and depression who gets out of bed every single day, creates a goal for the day, and takes small steps toward it and acknowledging the bravery and progress at the end of the day
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