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Our Retreat Residence Is Set. Can’t Wait To See You at Solstice This Year!

This year’s Solstice Retreat has a home in New Orleans. The Canal Street Inn and the enchanting live oaks, elms, orange, lemon and pecan trees await you in this 1912 New Orleans mansion. It is time to experience the refined, classical elegance of a… Continue Reading “Our Retreat Residence Is Set. Can’t Wait To See You at Solstice This Year!”

I Put Away My Scale and Guess What Happen?

Every day I have a morning ritual of standing on my dressing room scale. I thought this was assisting me in keeping me on the right path. Well, with Self-Care Lent I decided that I would stop shaming myself every morning by fighting the… Continue Reading “I Put Away My Scale and Guess What Happen?”

Self-Care For Lent?

It’s Mardi Gras day and everywhere else in the world it’s Tuesday. So I have work to do and phone calls to keep businesses afloat. But I am going to let you in on a little secret. I couldn’t miss truck parades in front… Continue Reading “Self-Care For Lent?”

I Just Wanna Be Myself

I am very protective of my true self. I have learned not everybody can handle this thing I own and enjoy. But the mask of security has gotten very heavy in the last few days. Sometimes, I think it is OK to introduce this… Continue Reading “I Just Wanna Be Myself”

Two Surefire Ways to Get Through Your Adult Growing Pains

  Growing and especially rapid personal growth, is rarely a comfortable or easy experience.   (I’m speaking from lots of personal experience here!)  However, if I persevere with my struggle and find a way to come out at the other end of the dark tunnel,… Continue Reading “Two Surefire Ways to Get Through Your Adult Growing Pains”

Exercise Boot Camp….Didn’t I say I was 51?

This year I promised myself that I would be open to new things in my life….however they came to me. I would spend more time thinking positive than thinking about things I couldn’t achieve. How would I know if I could accomplish things without… Continue Reading “Exercise Boot Camp….Didn’t I say I was 51?”

4 Reasons Why You Need Solstice Retreats

We have a hundred reasons why we shouldn’t go to the Solstice Retreat. Some years the voices win out, and we stay home. Later, when we hear the glowing reports from others about how wonderful it was, we feel a pang of regret, but… Continue Reading “4 Reasons Why You Need Solstice Retreats”

I am ready! Are you?

Standing on the edge of bigger dreams for our lives, we may not always know that true change is possible for us. Just over eight years ago, I weighed 421 pounds. I was stuck in a job that paid well, but was killing my… Continue Reading “I am ready! Are you?”

Because I Said I Would

My life is changing and I feel it. I don’t know if it’s in the air, water, or my mind but I feel a major transformation coming. But I believe that it stems from my promises to myself from last year. My commitment to… Continue Reading “Because I Said I Would”

Can You See Your Future for the New Year?

All meaningful and lasting change starts on the inside and works its way out.” ~Anon Advent season is upon us and I am truly trying to work on my on advent for the New Year. When people go through significant and life-transforming change, like… Continue Reading “Can You See Your Future for the New Year?”