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Solstice 2017…Yep It’s Time!

It is time! We have begun planning for Solstice Retreat 2017 in Destin Florida May 5th-7th. The theme for the 2017 retreat is “Choose to Shine!” The Solstice team had a great summer and we are really looking forward to having a successful retreat… Continue Reading “Solstice 2017…Yep It’s Time!”

Perfectionism Holds Me Back

I am admitting that I am a perfectionist. Yep that’s right. I know perfectionism is my driver. It can make for some tense moments sometimes. I am the kind of person who makes a list in the beginning of the day and has to… Continue Reading “Perfectionism Holds Me Back”

My Winning Ticket: My Mental Wellness

I had an eye opening experience. I work with an awesome partner who thinks I am a great addition to the business.  I enjoy the work and I see the business growing by leaps and bounds. We make a great team. But as we… Continue Reading “My Winning Ticket: My Mental Wellness”

Exercise Is The Best Antidepressant

This week, I have been feeling weird. Not go to the Doctor weird but just blah.  I worried if it was my diabetes or something new. I’d been traveling last week and didn’t get in all my exercise time. It rained the rest of… Continue Reading “Exercise Is The Best Antidepressant”

Where Have I Been? Living Life!

Hey I’m back! I missed putting my thoughts on the blog, but you know what I’ve been doing? Living my dreams. I have to admit it has been pretty fulfilling, scary, and enjoyable all at the same time. Everyone always says, “Follow your dreams!”… Continue Reading “Where Have I Been? Living Life!”

I Stopped Proving Myself to Everyone Else

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind! But I learned a valuable lesson. I am as important as everyone else around me. Nothing I do, make or say is lacking. I am me. And that is the best thing about me.  I learned… Continue Reading “I Stopped Proving Myself to Everyone Else”

I Need to Keep My Mouth Shut

I grew up in a household where my father believed that women had the right to express themselves. Now this didn’t mean you had the right to yell and scream, but if you had a valid point you had every right to communicate your… Continue Reading “I Need to Keep My Mouth Shut”

Keep That Easter Dress Fitting With These Tips

Easter is early this year and I have a new strategy for my meal.  I can get downright outrageously at Easter dinner, ask any of my family members. In recent years my mother and I have gone to a very fancy restaurant and ate… Continue Reading “Keep That Easter Dress Fitting With These Tips”

Four Lessons to Keep in Mind When S**T Happens

I had an absolutely peculiar conversation with my business partner Monday night. After courting numerous clients for several days, the ones we thought we won….didn’t pan out. His reaction: “Oh well, s**t happens. That’s just life!” I couldn’t believe it! We had put energy… Continue Reading “Four Lessons to Keep in Mind When S**T Happens”

When Life Tries to Take Over, Remember Your Purpose

WOW! What a crazy week! Life has invaded my personal space and sent me for a loop. I have had more philosophical conversations than I care to defend or grow. My support team has rallied around me and has been fantastic. I was in… Continue Reading “When Life Tries to Take Over, Remember Your Purpose”