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Who Is That Girl In The Mirror?

  Christmas Eve 2013 my family was coming out of a fancy restaurant after celebrating the holiday season.  My Brother-in-law and I were walking about 30 feet in front of the rest of my family. We all had a couple of drinks and my… Continue Reading “Who Is That Girl In The Mirror?”

Exercise Is Like Medicine… Take Every Day To Ensure Good Health!

  This winter, I have had the opportunity to live in a warmer climate than my home state. Most days, I can take a long walk in the morning before I start my projects. This has made such a change in my attitude!  I… Continue Reading “Exercise Is Like Medicine… Take Every Day To Ensure Good Health!”

On The Road Again….

This week I am traveling and it is very difficult to stick to my regime.  Why you ask? My colleagues eat everything! I want to taste everything on the menu…especially if I have never been to that city before now! I can’t get enough… Continue Reading “On The Road Again….”

Guess What? I Can Fit In The Restaurant Booth!

Asha and Yvette 2010; 70 pounds lost Recently my mom, brother and I went out for dinner. The hostess at the restaurant asked us “Table or Both?” I said booth was fine. My mom did a double take.  She started whispering, “You said booth!… Continue Reading “Guess What? I Can Fit In The Restaurant Booth!”

If It Ain’t Delicious, I Ain’t Eating It!

Have you ever tried to break an addiction? I am addicted to sugar.  And I mean really addicted. Cigarettes, liquor, and gambling were never really my attraction. But sugar? It has always been there for me.  When I have a really productive day….I want… Continue Reading “If It Ain’t Delicious, I Ain’t Eating It!”

THE FIRST: Carbing Out My Life

Did you ever think that the best way to heal your deepest secret was to tell the world about it?  HA! Me either! Well that was until the beginning of this year. I felt the need to tell the world about how I lost… Continue Reading “THE FIRST: Carbing Out My Life”