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#I’m Enough

Have you ever had a feeling that something is holding you back? Do you find yourself searching but you are unsure what’s missing or wanting to fix it but can’t quite determine what’s broken? How many years have you longed to be someone greater,… Continue Reading “#I’m Enough”

What I Learned From My Eleven Year Old Niece on My Summer Vacation

Yep. Summer is over for me. I am back in the swing of things with timelines, deadlines and new projects. But this summer my niece Asha got a chance to come stay with me for three weeks without her parents. She is a tenderhearted… Continue Reading “What I Learned From My Eleven Year Old Niece on My Summer Vacation”

It’s Not What’s on the Outside But the Inside that Counts

I have struggled with my weight all my life. Remember that is the first impression of every first encounter. Now I believe I am smart and beautiful, but just not the look of the fashion industry and you don’t know I’m smart until I… Continue Reading “It’s Not What’s on the Outside But the Inside that Counts”

Enjoying the Summer Just Being Creative Myself

This is the first summer in a couple of years where I have the opportunity to just create. No pressure to worry about how to keep the lights on. No worries if my partner is happy. Just being myself and creating my own life… Continue Reading “Enjoying the Summer Just Being Creative Myself”

Where You Been? Living Outside My Comfort Zone

You know I have always been a caregiver. I wanted everyone around me to be happy and satisfied with their life. I wanted them to be fulfilled. My thought was once they met their goal they would reach back and assist me with my… Continue Reading “Where You Been? Living Outside My Comfort Zone”

What Are You Waiting On? A Sign?

I have been traveling more than usual lately. I find myself missing a slower pace and my own bed.  I really struggled with this. Then I had an “aha” moment very early one morning. “Let go and give yourself permission to be who you… Continue Reading “What Are You Waiting On? A Sign?”

Methods To Get Out That Damn Box!

New Year, new way of doing things right? I promised myself I would be an active participant in all things going on around me. Not taking a back seat to situations that exasperate me or infuriate me. I choose to fully contribute. This has… Continue Reading “Methods To Get Out That Damn Box!”

Are You Ready for the Holidays? I’m Not!

The Christmas holidays are the most stressful time of the year for me. Now don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas; the music, food, and times with my family are great. But getting to the happy place is nerve-wracking. It takes a lot to… Continue Reading “Are You Ready for the Holidays? I’m Not!”

Are You Ready Solstice 2018?

Yep it’s that time! Solstice 2018 is being planned. We are off to Washington DC next summer. So are you asking: What is a Solstice Retreat? Solstice Retreats is the complete state of spiritual, physical and mental well-being.  Personal development is a lifelong process. It’s… Continue Reading “Are You Ready Solstice 2018?”

It’s Official! I Am Turning Into My Mother

Why is it that my biggest fear in life is that I will turn into my Mother? My Mom is the woman who raised us, nurtured us and guided us through everything we know about life. But I forget that my Mom used to… Continue Reading “It’s Official! I Am Turning Into My Mother”