Are You Ready Solstice 2018?

Yep it’s that time! Solstice 2018 is being planned. We are off to Washington DC next summer. So are you asking: What is a Solstice Retreat? Solstice Retreats is the complete state of spiritual, physical and mental well-being.  Personal development is a lifelong process. It’s a way for people to assess their skills and qualities, consider… Read More


  I have a lot of conversations about weight loss. People are always looking for the quick fix. I have to be truthful, I don’t know a quick solution. It took me ten years to lose the weight! I do know that consistency and perseverance is the key. I am introducing a new website called… Read More

Where Do I Begin and Others End?

I find it very difficult to find my beginning anymore. I am consumed by other interesting but time consuming projects. I know these projects will be successful and the design is worth the work. My colleagues are thought-provoking and very intelligent. But these projects have nothing to do with my dream. Though I appreciate their… Read More

Loving Each Other

Everyone around me knows I love politics. It has been my pastime for years. Even when I was a child, I loved to run for student government at school. But this election has shed a new light on America for me.  I am an African American woman with no biological children. But I have four… Read More