About Us



Yvette Dobbs is the CEO of Dobbs and Associates, the holding company of Solstice. In Yvette’s professional life she has managed large federal grants in the United States and provided technical assistance to more than 200 non-profit organizations. But in her life work, Yvette has created Solstice to support women who are interested in seizing their own personal groundbreaking opportunities. Solstice brings life to ideas and dreams.

Yvette favorite saying is: Just when this Caterpillar thought the world was over…She became a butterfly.


Millicent Marshall is our new Payments Coordinator, Registrar and will handle all our on-site IT concerns during the conference. In her real life, Millicent is the Director of Desktop Computing and User Support at Belmont University. Millicent is from  Nashville, TN.


Jon Walker is our new Special Projects Developer. As Solstice grows, we will look to Jon to support our development.  He will also present at Solstice. In real life, Jon is a motivational trainer with his own successful Leadership Development business, J. Walker Enterprises. Jon is from Missouri City, Texas.


Traci Young is our new Social Media Coordinator. She designs all of our advertisements, keeps our website up to date and is the go to person on-site. Traci owns her own prosperous media design business, Klynn Lee. Traci is from Dallas, Texas.


Geoffrey Lowry is our Finance Administrator and has been with Solstice since its inception. He maintains our finances, budgets, and  investments. In real life, Geoff is a Head Start Director for Oregon Child Development Coalition.    Geoff  is from Medford, Oregon.



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