Are you one of the millions that often suffer from Low-Battery Anxiety?

A 2016 study found that 90% of people feel a sense of panic when their cell phone battery is at 20% or below. Many can’t fathom the thought of being disconnected from the world that lies within their cell phone screen. Thirty-two percent of people will “drop everything” and oftentimes go to drastic measures to recharge their phones. After hours on end of talking/texting, playing games, browsing the net and social media hopping, the constant attention given to the draining battery gauge is a must.Do you ever suffer the aforementioned panic when your cell phone is needing a recharge? There is something to be said about your cell phone functioning at full capacity, right? Well, what about you?

For most women, always being busy and taking care of others is something to be proud of and often worn like a badge of honor. However, meeting all the deadlines, demands and desires faced day-to-day can leave you physically, mentally and emotionally drained. Before you know it, you are at 20% or below and completely ignore the warning signs of your internal gauge. Every fiber of your being is begging you to take a break. You feel the panic and discomfort but the endless to-do list takes precedence.You forget that you can’t efficiently and effectively take care of others unless you thoroughly and unapologetically take care of yourself.

Just as you eagerly work to preserve cell phone battery life by closing unnecessary apps, minimizing your phone activity or shifting to battery saver mode; self-preservation is vital.  Can you imagine being disconnected from those who need you most? Are you then not more important than your cell phone? You are MOST valuable! Self-care is the absolute best care. Adding aromatherapy to your warm bath after a long day can be rewarding. Eating healthy, getting more sleep and exercising regularly are great energy boosters. Doing something fun and relaxing with friends and family make memories that last a lifetime.

Give yourself permission to refuel and know that you deserve it! Loving on yourself and allowing yourself to be loved is the first step to ensuring that you are functioning at full capacity.

So “drop everything,” take drastic measures and RECHARGE!


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