#I’m Enough

She’s waiting…

Have you ever had a feeling that something is holding you back? Do you find yourself searching but you are unsure what’s missing or wanting to fix it but can’t quite determine what’s broken? How many years have you longed to be someone greater, do something different or go somewhere you’ve never been? What is it? What is keeping you from being your most authentic self, living your best life or TRULY laughing out loud?

Time flies, but it also has a funny way of opening it’s wings to collect. The flight carries with it the memories of unfortunate life experiences, the regret of choices, or even the guilt of greatest accomplishments. Before we know it, time and it’s baggage becomes our biggest hindrance. But the little girl inside of you, you know the one, that’s been waiting on you from day one to live big, speak boldly and walk confidently in every second of every day; she has no sense of time. She’s still waiting the same way she’s always been. She waiting because she’s committed to only being who she knows you were created to be. She isn’t willing to compromise or carry any of your baggage but she’s committed. She is convinced that you have everything you need to be who you’ve always wanted to be. She waiting because she’s ready to join you in doing everything there is in your heart to do. The little girl inside of you is waiting for the day that you will join her in screaming from the essence of who you are “I’m Enough”.

Thanks for joining Solstice,

Alethea S. Mays

6 Comments on “#I’m Enough

    • Loved it, this is exactly what I needed! Thanks for allowing God to use you to encourage others. Be bless!

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