Where You Been? Living Outside My Comfort Zone


You know I have always been a caregiver. I wanted everyone around me to be happy and satisfied with their life. I wanted them to be fulfilled. My thought was once they met their goal they would reach back and assist me with my goals. That part would usually never happen. I would wait patiently for the reach back….well you know how that part of the story ends. But the last six months have been the most fulfilling in years. Know why? I took my energy I would spend on others, and spent it on myself! Here are some things that happen:

Learned way more patience. I can’t fix everything. Instead of just trying to fix someone else’s issue, I just decided to wait until they were ready to reach out. I didn’t just fix it. This made me lose a couple of friends because I always stepped in during our friendships. Having to step up to deal with their own problems was new.

I am super smart and beautiful. I can be both! And you know what else? I can create anything! Whatever is in my mind is possible. It doesn’t take consensus, and it definitely doesn’t take permission! It takes confidence to live your best life. Oh and by the way, the beautiful idea is supported by the way people respond to me. A smile, handshake, joke, and a blink of my eyes goes a long way. DAMMIT! If I knew this at 32, I’d be rich! HA!

Life is precious. You better go live your life. My grow up friend passed away this spring. This was the first of my 13 grow up friends to leave this world. It really messed me up. But it also motivated me. Solstice 2018 was fantastic this year. We are expanding our services and reaching out to new clientele. It is definitely exciting. I’m going to go live my life. I’m not playing.

Quote for the week: When I meet God I want to be able to say, “I used everything you gave me.”


One Comment on “Where You Been? Living Outside My Comfort Zone

  1. This is what I needed to hear Yvette! This is so me. I hate I missed that retreat.
    M M Scott

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