What Are You Waiting On? A Sign?

sign this is it

I have been traveling more than usual lately. I find myself missing a slower pace and my own bed.  I really struggled with this. Then I had an “aha” moment very early one morning. “Let go and give yourself permission to be who you truly are and give this to the world in everything you do, at all costs, no exceptions. This is your journey to living an extraordinary life.” I knew then, as I know more and more every day, that a dramatic, radical shift is happening. I am wired almost as if my life depends on it to listen to the voice and follow the inner guidance, my life is changing and changing for the better. Oh it’s tough, it’s so rocky on some days I’m quite sure I won’t get through it, vacillating from confidence and strength to doubt and judgement, but I do the work, I stay grounded and I pay attention to what I want no matter what the outcome. Paying attention has made the real difference. Paying attention to my approach with those closest to me. Apologizing if I am out of pocket, and explaining my attitude if necessary.

Here is the one question that keeps me motivated:

What would be my purpose if I knew no one would judge me?

Wow. So this is the biggie for me. This single defining question is what rocks my world the most each time I go to my list and answer authentically and honestly. So I told myself, and wrote down everything that I would do, everywhere I would go, even everything I would say, if there was no fear, no worry of repercussions, no judgement of my choices, right to my most deeply held wishes and dreams. Then I made a vision board around this topic. When I am connected to this, I am connected to the purpose of my life, and this is the dramatic shift inside.

Choosing to change my idea of my life dramatically, while seeking a sense of self knowledge, has given me a window to my True Self.

Quote for this week: There are seven days in a week, someday isn’t one of them.


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