Methods To Get Out That Damn Box!


New Year, new way of doing things right? I promised myself I would be an active participant in all things going on around me. Not taking a back seat to situations that exasperate me or infuriate me. I choose to fully contribute. This has meant I’ve have to step out of the comfy box I have built for myself in the last five years. But that box was getting uninspiring and hum drum even if it was comfy. As a result, here are my 2018 ideas of getting out of that damn box:

Set parameters to focus my ideas. Ironically, too much freedom can hinder my creativity. I can just put if off for another day. My work suffers and my confidence as well.  Boundaries help my memory function, giving my ideas more depth and breadth.

Search for random inspiration. To think outside the box, I need to trigger my brain to make connections it normally wouldn’t make. This concept has brought so many interesting people, books and settings in my life in the new year. Even when I am not energetically looking for inspiration, it just shows up to remind me of my promise to myself. I find myself saying, “That was speaking directly to me” often. Thank you to all my friends who send some version of this commitment every day!

Stay committed to my walking routine. Yep it’s cold outside. Even in the South. But I gotta get that walk in. If I missed it I am irritable and find it hard to concentrate. I have condition myself to use my walking time to get my head right for the day. If I miss my walk, I will walk around the block a couple of times during the day just to take the edge off! I guess I could be addicted to other things much worse….

Quote for the week: Instead of thinking outside the box, get rid of the box!

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