It’s Official! I Am Turning Into My Mother

me and mom

Why is it that my biggest fear in life is that I will turn into my Mother? My Mom is the woman who raised us, nurtured us and guided us through everything we know about life. But I forget that my Mom used to be young women with ambitions, dreams and flaws. She was once a young woman who wanted to go away to college and find her way in life. But every day I hear her in my ear (and I’m not talking about on the phone) guiding my thought patterns.

Here are a just a few examples:

Did you see the weather today? When my Mom starts the conversation in the morning about the weather she has been watching Good Morning America. Recently we had hurricanes near us. Did I say near? But on Good Morning America they showed the storms over my city. This went on for a couple of days. But when my business partner got ready to travel later in the month to a city where they were going to have serious storms, didn’t I ask him if he had seen the weather?

You Have Tissues In Your Purse? Recently my Pastor retired. My Mom and Sister came to town for the retirement celebration which was really moving and inspiring. Now before we left the house here was the question, “Do you have tissue?” I was playing big girl that day and decided I really didn’t need any tissue for church, but I would take one tissue just in case. Umm, let’s just say there is nothing one piece of tissue can really handle.  I had several other pieces already in my purse for some odd reason!

I am Suddenly Attracted to Talbots or Chico’s.

After losing a bunch of weight, I can fit in these stores clothes. For the last couple of years my Mom bought me things from these stores for Christmas. Now they come in handy for work, but I do not need sparkly or leopard tops to work in my home office, not even for video conference calls.  Now I find myself at Old Navy looking for the sparkly tops!

Quote of the week: A Mother’s love for her child is like nothing else in this world.


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