Trying to Calm My Type A Personality


I’m the kind of person who doesn’t like to wait in the line at a fast food restaurant. I figure if it’s called fast I should get it fast right? That usually didn’t  happen…especially at Canes Chicken, my favorite. All I wanted was that tasty hot chicken fingers….but I couldn’t wait! There were seven cars ahead of me and I was on a deadline. Does that make me have a type A personality? All my friends say absolutely!  Here are some things I am working on to change to a more laid back personality:

I have a hard time falling asleep at night. If I talked to you during the day, I am probably playing back our conversation in my head at night. I tend to dwell on frustrations and worries, and it can keep me up at night. This is a terrible and frustrating habit. I started going to bed earlier.

I’d be lost without your to-do list. I thrive with a goal and a plan of action. My to-do lists are one my best friends. Ask anybody, I think it’s cool to give a colorfully decorated notebook as a gift because I am assuming you are making list too! I got this from my Mom, “put a pad by your bed to write stuff down so you can go to sleep.” It doesn’t work but it’s there for more lists!

Relaxing can be hard work for me. Sometimes taking time off to relax can feel unnatural. Time is money, after all.  I have to look at relaxation itself as a goal. Like I’m going to the beach to sit down and de-stress. Then I’m all in.

Waiting in long lines kills me a little bit inside. See above for further clarification. I got it bad!

Quote for the week: Patience is bitter but its fruit is sweet.


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