Where Do I Begin and Others End?


I find it very difficult to find my beginning anymore. I am consumed by other interesting but time consuming projects. I know these projects will be successful and the design is worth the work. My colleagues are thought-provoking and very intelligent. But these projects have nothing to do with my dream. Though I appreciate their work, it is not my ambition or aspiration.  I am just a subject matter expert.  The older I get the more I feel a need to make my own light shine. I was trying to explain this to my friend last week. His answer…..”I’ve been waiting. You are super smart and I have waited all this time to see what you make.” Hell me too! Here are my marching orders:

I come first: I know I get my workout in the morning, getting to the Zumba class at night, but that is not enough for me. Emotional health is the most important thing for my life. I need to sit at the beach and plan my life. Go back to the beach and make updates. I haven’t been to the beach all summer. That is totally out of my character. If I want a change I am the only person who can make it happen. Going on Airbnb right now….

BrandVett: I see people around me make their dreams come true. They are driven, ambitious and delight in making their dreams a reality. I gotta get some of that! It is easier to be the subject matter expert, but it is not as fulfilling.  I am building something for myself. I have lots ideas about BrandVett but nervous to highlight myself. I am working on getting past this stage quickly.

Life: Life is feeling very short lately. Days go by quickly. I have seen my colleagues go through some difficult experiences recently. But they get back up and keep it moving. I don’t want to miss my purpose. There is something I am supposed to create. Let me get busy.

Quote for the week: “Give it all you got. You never know if there will be a next time.”


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