Loving Each Other


Everyone around me knows I love politics. It has been my pastime for years. Even when I was a child, I loved to run for student government at school. But this election has shed a new light on America for me.  I am an African American woman with no biological children. But I have four Godchildren, ranging from 30 to 5 and my niece. I worry for these young people. I concerned for their futures.  So in these turbulent times here is my suggestion, let’s support each other more than ever. We discover love is the force that puts the world back together when it feels like it’s coming apart. So here are some ideas I’m going to try to use during the next few weeks:

Be generous with compliments and judicious with complaints. My grandmother used to say, “you get so much more with sugar than S***. Compliments help when things are going wrong and complaints just make them go “Wronger” faster! HA!

Forgive, let go and move on. This is a lesson is the most difficult. I can be mad so long I forgot why I am mad. That is not healthy and I know it. So a couple years ago I started working on my forgiveness techniques. I can’t say it always works, but I can get over it mor easily. When I don’t forgive I am only hurting myself.

Become the loudest cheerleader. When one of my best friends got married, I told her new husband he was now my husband too. I cheer for him even when his wife gets tired. I support his ideas and stand behind him, because happy wife means happy life.  I keep going! My friends always say I am the one trying to work out the issue. I want the best for the people closest to me. And if that means being the cheerleader for the team, sign me up.

Quote for the week: Keep your head up, you are so much better than you believe.


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