What Are You Worth?


During the last month I have asked myself this question: Is this worth it? Sometimes life is just hard and I don’t know about you but some days I ask myself if what I am doing is even worth it and on really bad days am I even worth it? I want to believe this lifestyle that I choose is worth all my time as well as energy, that I am making a difference somewhere in the world, and I can see change coming around the corner. But honestly that is not what I am feeling these days. Here are the things I am holding on to:

I’m different + that’s okay – I usually pride myself in being different. Because how am I supposed to make a difference in the world or shine if  I am doing what everyone else is doing? I stand out and that is so cool.

I help others – While I am giving it my all I try still helping others. I am hoping by helping others it will really come back and help me too. You never know who’s watching…..

I put substance over competition – Most of time when I find out that I am in direct competition with someone, I didn’t know it was a competition. I was just doing me. HA! My goal still is to be the best me I can imagine.

I want to make a difference – This world may be getting more and more competitive but at the same time there are more people just like me who love to see others succeed and make a difference.

One thing that all of these reasons have in common is that it starts with ME. I have to keep it moving….I have no other choice.

Quote for this week: You lack nothing. Use what I gave you.  –God


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