My Winning Ticket: My Mental Wellness


I had an eye opening experience. I work with an awesome partner who thinks I am a great addition to the business.  I enjoy the work and I see the business growing by leaps and bounds. We make a great team. But as we build this business, I feel I neglect my own dreams. I found it hard to explain it to my business partner. My words couldn’t explain my sentiments. So instead trying to express myself I have decided to work on my own reality. I am hoping that these next steps don’t ruin my business relationship, but only enhance its growth:

Work is only work: I work to support my lifestyle and dreams. But I can let my work overcome my whole world. I can work seven days a week and never think about it. But I gotta have a life. This includes making new friends, building my future, and being committed to myself. My work life balance is crappy.

Tame my imagination: It’s amazing that something that starts off in my imagination can soon spark out of control and cause such devastating damage. I decided I don’t want that for my life. Instead I want to imagine instead, being able to do all of the things that make me happy instead of having all those negative thoughts and emotions running around inside my head. If I could imagine not having to obsess and worry over every little thing…..I would be a totally different person.

My own self-wellness is my winning ticket: Yep, I talk about my physical wellness a lot. But my mental wellness controls my physical wellness. When my physical equilibrium is off, it has a lot to do with how I am feeling about myself. I don’t see vegetables for days. HA! I promised my business partner to always carry my tennis shoes wherever we go.  I am so much nicer.

Quote for the week: Take care how you speak to yourself, you are listening.



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