Four Lessons to Keep in Mind When S**T Happens

shit happens

I had an absolutely peculiar conversation with my business partner Monday night. After courting numerous clients for several days, the ones we thought we won….didn’t pan out. His reaction: “Oh well, s**t happens. That’s just life!” I couldn’t believe it! We had put energy and drive into this process. We had a plan. We had a focus. But he had the right idea….

Here are my thoughts about working through the s**t:

It’s not permanent: Thank God we have another day to come. I believe anything and everything can be worked out if you want to change. But it’s what you choose to do with your new day gift. I know that if I get my morning exercise completed I can pretty much create any head space for myself.

Learn from it: I learned from the conversation above that we will see plenty of calendar days just like my experience. That’s just part of the work I chose to do now. But my business partner says, “This does not define us.  Now we are truly ready for the next group of potential clients with an even stronger determination.” Got it!

Take pleasure in the little things: I have learned some fantastic skills while building this company. Some talents I never thought were part of my repertoire. I get to create stuff that organizations find invaluable. That is cool. I probably get more excited than my partner, but that’s my pleasure. It reminds me how I would create cookies for my sister before gluten free became a fashion statement. It made her very happy to eat those cookies….to tears. It made me very happy to create.

Food does not save you: When things get crazy, my first reaction is to reach for something to eat. Whatever the emotion, food seems to call my name! This can easily get out of  hand. But I have learned to calm myself by hugging my shoulders and saying, ” you got this Vett.” I still can fit in my pants and have no chocolate stains using this activity. HA!

Quote of the week: Life happens. S**t happens. And it happens a lot. To a lot of people. Think of the alternative…..



One Comment on “Four Lessons to Keep in Mind When S**T Happens

  1. Right….sh** happens all the time remove yourself from the sh** and think about what’s next on the list

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