When Life Tries to Take Over, Remember Your Purpose


WOW! What a crazy week! Life has invaded my personal space and sent me for a loop. I have had more philosophical conversations than I care to defend or grow. My support team has rallied around me and has been fantastic. I was in head space that could easily have swallowed me, but the saving grace was I remembered my purpose.

Living in my purpose is challenging and tricky. I hold myself to a standard that is sometimes ridiculous and I know it! But trying to clarify my lifestyle has become redundant and I don’t want to have to explain myself any longer.

Here are a few things I have learned from this way of life:

Prep for painful practice. There’s a myth that once you know what it is that you’re supposed to pursue, achieving that purpose will be easy because it plays to your strengths and passion. That’s not my case. Grinding it out is not fun. Painful practice is not fun, but it’s necessary to both clarify my purpose and achieve it. My creative heart is tender but pumping strong to accomplish my goals. I am motivated to achieve, not by the desire to beat others.

Learn who is on my team. Nobody achieves success or realizes their life purpose by themselves. This is an impossible feat. Every encounter with another human being teaches me something. Positive or negative I can only learn from the experience. In the past few years, my support team has become quite small but very encouraging.  I cherish my relationships with them and they know how much I appreciate their insight. I absolutely know they are for my good.

Remember, what you focus on expands. Hard lesson, but when I focus on Solstice….it grows and flourishes. When I focus on the negative parts of my life….yeah they grow too. Why waste my time on situations or people I can’t change? I can only concentrate on my own ambitions and those things I want to see develop.

As Jill Scott sang, “You are prized possession and not everybody’s worth it.”


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