I Put Away My Scale and Guess What Happen?

scale in california

Every day I have a morning ritual of standing on my dressing room scale. I thought this was assisting me in keeping me on the right path. Well, with Self-Care Lent I decided that I would stop shaming myself every morning by fighting the numbers on the scale. I am tired of allowing a piece of metal to dictate how I feel about myself. Here are the ways I adopted to tell if I am losing weight:

I listen to my body: Sometimes I am not sure if the scale moved but I feel great! My energy is up, my skin is clear, and my craving for sugar is way down. That might be more important that the weight right now.

I can zip my jeans: I usually work in sweats when I am home during the week. When I travel for work or go out on the weekends, I reach for a pair of jeans. This weekend I found a pair of jeans that were too big. Boy was I excited! I wanted to go get on the scale….

I started to take more pictures: I want to document the change. I never did this before and I think this keeps me engage with this process. I am doing this with a group of friends who are trying to lose weight. I asked them to take a picture at the same time each month. We are starting to tell the difference.

I feel balanced: When I naturally get up for my walk without forcing myself or spontaneously grab strawberries for my snack in the afternoon instead of that cookie, I feel poised for a great day. My life is becoming more settled which allows me to focus on other things.

So what have I learn from this lesson? The number means nothing and  the dressing room scale is not the only measure of success.

Quote for the week: I already know what giving up feels like. I want to see what happens if I don’t.


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