I Just Wanna Be Myself


I am very protective of my true self. I have learned not everybody can handle this thing I own and enjoy. But the mask of security has gotten very heavy in the last few days. Sometimes, I think it is OK to introduce this fantastic and eccentric side of me to others. But when well-meaning people enter the picture things can change.  The protective mask goes back up. Now I am not saying this makes for an interesting me….but I feel less discombobulated.  So there has to be benefits to being myself right?

After this week of travel and change, I just want to cherish myself. Sometimes the grind can get hectic for me and I want to give myself credit for the great person I am without argument or reason. Just cause I can. The key is recognizing that I valuable and definitely worth being cherished without any person’s permission. My dreams are mine even if they may not be safe and secure. I cultivated them.  I am the co-creator of my life.  Whatever I make my life with God’s help is all that counts.  With my own personal creative standards commanding my soul. My dreams may not be pragmatic, but I can’t and won’t lead a cookie cutter life. I am finding that it takes courage to grow up and be who I really am.  I am choosing  joy and passion over practicality.

Learning to be true to myself and not being afraid to express my needs is difficult. But I am doing the best with what I have despite how I feel this week. Because I could definitely eat a King Cake all by myself! HA!

Quote of the week:  Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.



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