Two Surefire Ways to Get Through Your Adult Growing Pains



Growing and especially rapid personal growth, is rarely a comfortable or easy experience.   (I’m speaking from lots of personal experience here!)  However, if I persevere with my struggle and find a way to come out at the other end of the dark tunnel, I am learning what I was meant to as well as may find myself in a wonderful new place. The tunnel leads to a green valley, more beautiful than I could ever have imagined. It is easier said than done for me.  When there are struggles and challenges in my life I am forced to grow, to become bigger. Even when I don’t think I am ready. But you know what? There is never the perfect time to develop the new me. These two ways help to keep me in check.

Being Grateful

A mentor of mine gave me an interesting perspective once as I was dealing with yet another challenge.  He suggested that I be very grateful to the person who was the source of my dilemma.  “Why grateful?” I ask, thinking about the lost sleep, soul searching, fear and hard work that was occurring.   He suggested that it was as if God had decided that I was capable of more,  more joy, more satisfaction, more giving, more growth;  it was time to offer me an opportunity to ‘be bigger’, and that he had given me a gift to help me.  And of course that gift was the person triggering the above lost sleep etc.   In fact, my mentor said, “Think about the words ‘the present’.   A present is a gift.  The present what’s happening to you right now is a gift from this person.” Well of course this concept took some time to filter through my mind.  It took until this day to make sense in my life.

Live in the Present

I like the idea that the present is a gift.  Living in the present no matter how challenging is always more rewarding than wallowing in the past or being terrified of something in the future.  If I manage to conquer the challenge inevitably I am presented with a gift of some sort a new relationship, new opportunity, and new life fulfillment. The longer I live in my past the less future I have to enjoy. I need the challenge of everyday present living to learn something new and inspire me on to the next assignment. The day I think I know it all is the day I start to deteriorate.

Quote for the week: Never let the sadness of your past and the fear of your future ruin the happiness of your present.


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