Exercise Boot Camp….Didn’t I say I was 51?

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This year I promised myself that I would be open to new things in my life….however they came to me. I would spend more time thinking positive than thinking about things I couldn’t achieve. How would I know if I could accomplish things without trying….right? So every morning during the summer we (my mom and my friend) would see this this man at the walking track. They were very friendly and they would strike up a conversation. They would notice if he was at the park or not, if he was losing weight or if his knee was still swollen! Well as autumn came, my mom went back to Wisconsin and my friend went back to teaching school. But dude was still out there getting his walk on every morning. One day he stopped me and says “Hey, where are your folks?” Now remember, I never spoken to this guy. I am out in the morning just walking….that’s it. But you make a little community when you go at the same time each morning. Well Kevin (I told you we started speaking every morning! HA!) gave me a flyer to come to the new recreation center in my city and try the new boot camp. I made the promise to myself to try new things, so this was right up my alley. Plus I am a recreation kid from way back, thank you Gary Dobbs.  WRONG! Lessons learned from my first few weeks of boot camp:

Just because the young teacher makes it look easy…. The first day the 25 year old teacher said we are going to do a burpee. If you don’t know what this means:

Begin in a standing position.

Drop into a squat position with your hands on the ground.

Kick your feet back, while keeping your arms extended.

Immediately return your feet to the squat position.

Jump up from the squat position.  HaHa! Did I say I was 51?

The first class, I spent most of the time laughing at what the teacher told me. I hadn’t done so many sit ups, crunches and leg lifts since my early 20’s. But I learned that if I practiced during the week, class got easier on Monday and Wednesday.

Ibuprofen is my friend! When I arrived at home from boot camp on the first day, I couldn’t get out of the car. My body was stiff and stuck! But two ibuprofen before bed made the next day walk bearable.

Eat something before and after you go to class! There is no need to be lightheaded while doing sit ups Yvette! I had a banana my fix right before the class. It gave me enough carbs to hang on for that crazy hour. One bottle of water and some nuts help right after class.

OK let me say I have no way mastered this class and I can’t keep up with the teacher. But I still go out and try. Most days I get the giggles, but I still take my 51 year old butt out there and give it that old recreation center try, thank you Gary Dobbs.

Quote for this week:  You only fail when you stop trying.



2 Comments on “Exercise Boot Camp….Didn’t I say I was 51?

  1. OMG Yvette I don’t think I have even through of a burpee since high school and I wasn’t very good at them then. Good for you!!!!!! BTW – Aleve is my friend!

  2. I enjoyed this however I know that will flunk out of boot camp… Hang in there Yvette

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