4 Reasons Why You Need Solstice Retreats

Solstice with Border

We have a hundred reasons why we shouldn’t go to the Solstice Retreat. Some years the voices win out, and we stay home. Later, when we hear the glowing reports from others about how wonderful it was, we feel a pang of regret, but it doesn’t last long. “Oh well,” we say, “maybe next year.” Other times we make the extra effort, and we’re the ones sharing happy stories and telling how glad we are that we attended. But here are 4 reasons why Solstice is made especially for you:

 Because it’s hard to hear your own voice above the noise of everyday life.

When is the last time you sat without a To Do list hanging over you, a pile of laundry the size of the Superdome in the background, or family members pressing in on all sides? If you can’t remember, you need to attend Solstice Retreat. “To retreat” means to leave our normally occupied positions and go to a place of safety, quiet, and seclusion. By going to a Solstice Retreat, we physically remove ourselves from life’s distractions, the call of chores, and the demands of people in order to make space to hear ourselves.

Because we need each other.

Conviction is contagious. Just like an infectious virus, it passes from person to person through close contact. Today’s busy world allows little time for women to share stories and learn new things to ensure success in their future. As we retreat together, we learn from each other’s varied backgrounds, experiences, and insights.

Act here and now

It’s not what you know – it’s what you do with what you know. Design your unique, personalized action plan based on your own definition of success. Return home equipped, energized and prepared to move into action and reach your biggest personal and professional goals.

You Just Can’t Wait Any Longer

Have you been thinking, contemplating, wondering, hoping, planning, talking about, waiting on, envisioning, imagining, expecting, anticipating a new direction, a change for your future, an opportunity to take those pictures on the vision board and the goals in your head and make them your reality? This is that opportunity.

The truth is the world needs more powerful, authentically mindful women, and this is a call to you to step into what’s rightfully yours. That’s right, you deserve it.  It’s about passion, mindset, and the balance of your life.

We are filling up our spaces for our Washington DC retreat. Are you coming to Solstice 2018? Your first $75 down payment for this exciting retreat is due December 31st. Here is the PayPal link:

Solstice with Border   www.thebigideagroup.com

Quote for the week: We must be willing let go of the life we have planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us.


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