I am ready! Are you?


Standing on the edge of bigger dreams for our lives, we may not always know that true change is possible for us. Just over eight years ago, I weighed 421 pounds. I was stuck in a job that paid well, but was killing my soul. I was desperately longing to simply run away from my own life.

We long for escape from what we were taught to want, and are ready to embrace what our hearts are actually longing for—those dreams and desires bursting up from within. We just can’t figure out how it is actually possible to get from here to there. For me, I wanted to escape my body . . . to no longer be the “big girl” in the room. I wanted to spend every single day utilizing my creativity to contribute something of value to the world, while earning a good living in the process. My goal was to create the life I’d always dreamed of, and the mere thought of it paralyzed me in fear for many years. Here are 3 ways to know if you’re ready to begin too:

You’re tired. This isn’t just a sleepy feeling when you lay down for bed at night, but an ongoing sense of tiredness throughout the day. It’s as if no matter how much sleep you actually get, your reserve energy to face the day is always low or missing.

You’re stressed. Not just stressed, but over-stressed. You can be fine, doing your thing at home or work, and then something goes slightly wrong. And you find yourself going from fine to extremely stressed in an instant.

You’re doubtful. Deep inside, you know that standing still isn’t the answer. You know that you have to do something, to begin listening to the whispers that well up within your heart. But you don’t think you have what it takes to change. You don’t know what the answer is for what actually needs to change.

It’s not a matter of luck or circumstance. The secret to actually creating change in your life is by taking action. But knowing this secret only gets you so far on the path to change. The key to finding success in this process is about support. We are born and die alone, but we are not meant to experience life alone.

I’ve lost 220 pounds, left full-time employment behind, and shared my darkest secret with the entire world.  But I didn’t do it alone. I finally asked for some help. And today, you can too.  Solstice Retreats offers the experience of change in its best form…with others in pursuit of their own ambitions. Find us in New Orleans June 17-19th. Our team is preparing an exciting and thought provoking weekend just for you.

Your first down payment for this exciting retreat is due at the end of this month. Here is the link:


Solstic color facebook size

Quote for this week: You must learn a new way to think before you can master a new way to be.


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