I Have No Work/Life Balance!


Lately, I have had a crick in my neck that has now gone down to my shoulder blade. I gave Massage Envy my hard earned money and it still hasn’t gone away. But I know that is not the problem. I am trying to build three ventures at the same time with little “FUN” time for me. I really believe in Work/Life balance (we teach this during Solstice Retreats) but I am having trouble finding it right now. However, here are the things I do consistently:

I get in my exercise everyday but Sunday: This activity used to take the stress away without fail. I find without this I have such a mood change that I not very enjoyable. But at this junction it doesn’t matter how many miles I get in…I am still stressed.

I only work until a certain time: If I could control how many hours I would work in a day I would feel better about evening relaxation time.  I would really relax and not feel guilty for relaxing. I have no children and no significant other to fret over. Evenings should be mine, right? But I find myself…WORKING!

I turn my cell phone off at 9 every night….unless I am out! I have to stop the outside chatter from happening. If I talk until I go to sleep about work….I dream about work. I never get a good night’s rest. Lately I turn off the phone and watch an episode of the “The Good Wife” on Amazon Prime.  This is nowhere near reality for me and makes me think of something else.

So here is what I am figuring out…before my back goes out….

Work-Life Balance does not mean an equal balance. Trying to schedule an equal number of hours for each of my various work activities is usually unrewarding and unrealistic.

There is no perfect, one-size fits all, balance I should be striving for. The best work-life balance is different for everyone because we all have different priorities and different lives. Lessoned learned.

Quote for this week: You can’t do a good job if your job is all you do.


One Comment on “I Have No Work/Life Balance!

  1. I have enjoyed reading your blog for the first time today. It was so informative and reminded me of back in the day when we both were learning the low carb way from our mutual doctor.
    Keep sharing the wealth of knowledge that you have. Many will benefit from it if they just stay the course. Marva J – Milwaukee

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