Why Not Me?

they told me I couldn't

Sometimes people ask “Why me?” Often in response to something happening that they didn’t want to happen. But sometimes it’s about the GOOD thing happening. Receiving an unanticipated gift. Meeting just the right person. Getting a great opportunity. The old “It’s too good to be true” feeling tiptoes in and I find myself talking myself out of my very big dream. Case in point….. I was in the car with a new friend this week and we were talking big dream talk. You know what I mean.  All those probing questions you ask as you just start a friendship to figure out if you are on the same thought span. When I started talking about my retreat business I mentioned that I believed that I that it was my destiny but who am I to be successful with Solstice.  And his answer, “Who are you not to be successful?”

Marianne Williamson put its best:


I would like you to propose this question…Instead of “Why me?” ask the question of yourself “Why not me?” Really why should we play our lives small? What does that really get us in the long run? How does that help us or anyone around us? I play myself down a lot because my talents are not always appreciated or taken as a threat. But you know what I figured out….I am the only one who has to appreciate my gift and capacity. Oh yeah and God…..
And so again I ask who am I NOT to live the life I want?
To live big.
To chase dreams
To love boldly
To laugh freely
I will stop asking for permission to be who I want to be in my life.
Permission granted.

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