Will You Please Get Out Of My Way?


Have you ever had a situation throw you for such a loop that you can hardly get your footing back? Every time you go to make a new move….you can’t get pass the last situation? I think I’m experiencing this. Every day I don’t get out of my way…I lose money, time, respect for myself and others. So just get out of my own way and I will be fine?  This is easier said than done and a lot of people are experiencing these emotions. I consider myself an intelligent, gifted, and quick thinking woman. If I believed in myself as much as my friends and families do…WOW.

And when I get out of my own way…I will be RICH!

So here are my confessions of what I am working on:

Notice the thoughts and feelings that grab my attention: Talking down to myself….OUT THE WINDOW!

Rather than being consumed by worry, I chose to be curious instead: What if is my new mantra. I want to see what happens. I don’t want to be worried about the middle or the end. I want to be present for the process.

Remember why I am doing it: I have a big goal that I would like to accomplish by my 55th birthday. My 51st is on Saturday. I got four more years to get myself together. Now I know that seems like a long time, but I got a LONG list! HA! Having long term goals got me two college degrees, relocated myself to New Orleans and loss a lot of weight. I think they work well for me.

Think about the outcome:  I love the concept of thinking intentionally. By living an intentional life, everything I try to do is done with consciousness. And this is the hardest part: Intentional living means making life decisions based on exactly what I feel I need, not what I believe everyone else wants me to do or what is considered by the majority as the “proper” choice.

Give up the ridiculous idea of perfection: I can be wrong, I don’t always know the answer and I don’t have the time. I can be dedicated to myself and there is nothing inappropriate about it.

Pat yourself on the back — a lot: I am very hard on myself. I know it. Sometimes I can’t hear the good stuff people say about me because I am STUCK IN MY HEAD….hearing the bad I am saying about myself. Damn waste of time. I am the only one who counts….to me.

Quote for this week: At any given moment you will have the power to say, “This is not how the story will end.”


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