Great Girlfriends Inspire You


This weekend my thoughts are with my girlfriends. We have a unique bond that allows us to live all over the United States and feel close to each other. The interesting part is that they are all ages. Some of my women I consider my friends were my mother’s friends first, or my male friends’ wives or people I met at work. I do not discriminate! Ha!

One of the coolest things we do together is go on retreat once a year. What an inspiring weekend! There is something about a strong community of women spending time having fruitful exchanges and empowering themselves that I find galvanizing.

Why do we do this? Studies have shown women live longer when they have a strong social network. It took me a long time to understand that I needed female peers, friends and a female community.

Here are some other reasons women need to nurture a strong female community:

  1. It reduces stress.

Have you ever had that endless mind chatter or chronic stress that you can’t seem to shake? Making dates with your friends is the answer. According to a breakthrough UCLA study, it is suggested that women respond to stress with a cascade of brain chemicals that cause us to make and maintain friendships with other women. Bonding with other women is a biological response to soothing ourselves when faced with stressors.

  1. You need accountability.

Having a community of women that you share your goals and dreams with keeps you accountable to yourself. Everyone needs external affirmation showing them they are amazing and urging them to keep going. This is called love. I have never met a person that was solely successful on their own.

  1. Your community of women can help support your goals and objectives.

Surround yourself with people that are D-O-I-N-G something. You need relationships with people who share similar drive and visions in life, love, business, spirituality and personal development. The common theme in having a group of soul-sisters is that we are social beings that are spending more and more time isolating ourselves in our busy, busy lives. There is so much tearing down of women in society when it should be our duty to uphold each other.

Our “Girlfriend Retreat Weekend” has now grown to be Solstice Retreats. Our goal is to support women two times a year (during the summer and winter solstice) in different parts of the United States that would love to experience an inspiring and uplifting weekend. Solstice Retreats design intentional aspirations for all aspects of your life. Would you and your girlfriends like to experience Solstice Retreats? Contact me at .

Thanks to my girlfriends who have inspired me to take Solstice out on the road. What a blessing…..

Quote for the week: As we grow up, we realize it becomes less important to have a ton of friends and more important to have real ones.


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