Are You Independently Wealthy?

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I picked up a new client recently. This company pretty much does what I was doing for my other clients.  I am familiar with the subject matter and I have some great ideas for expansion.  As we were interviewing each other, this question kept coming up: “Are you independently wealthy?” I was surprised that this subject was even a focus at all. But what I found out was it my mind set that he really questioned.

I am a go getter….ask anybody. My hustle is tight and when I say I know the subject I make sure I am the expert on the topic.  BUT my skills and talents are what make me independent. How I choose to use them makes me wealthy.

Now let’s get this straight…I AM NOT WEALTHY! HA! But my mind is prosperous. I have all kinds of concepts that are waiting to become driving forces. And as I build my body and spirit I feel these entities come into play. Here are some thoughts that keep me “independently wealthy”:

My first hour of the day is mine:

Your mornings set the tone for the rest of the day.  If you get off to a bad start, oftentimes the rest of your day follows suit. The best way to combat this is to come up with a meaningful morning practice that acts as a buffer between getting up and starting your day. My workout in the morning is my ritual. I try to do it wherever I am in the United States. There are few people I will talk to during this time of the day. I can only hear positive information while Fred Hammond (my morning music) and I are out on our stroll in the morning. Sometimes I just call my sister and say “Okay say a word.” And wait for the answer I was waiting for God to tell me. I am serious this works! I have heard some interesting expressions this way. Plus I am so much nicer when I get this time in to myself!

The cleaner I eat the easier I can keep my sanity:

How often do you go out with your friends and they are eating EVERTHING you said you won’t eat? I want that chocolate cake…really I do! But I physically feel bad later in the day when I eat it. My friend was eating a burger this weekend that I really wanted half of….BAD! But all I think of how bad my stomach would hurt later…But I really wanted some of that BURGER! So I got some chicken and pretended it was that burger. Ha! I love low carb….I love low carb…..HA!

Quote of the week: May my heart be kind, my mind fierce and my spirit be brave


One Comment on “Are You Independently Wealthy?

  1. Great stories. I am so happy for you.
    Please contact: Patsy Moreland 414-333-8399

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