It Has Been A Year!

new year

Last year this time my business partner said, “Maybe you should write a blog. You have a wealth of information about you watch what you eat and how you exercise every day.” I thought long and hard about it. Exposing myself to the world was going to be difficult. But I wanted to at least try. So I made this my “Because I said I would” for 2014. Well I kept my promise to myself and had fun doing it! Here are some interesting facts about this blog this year:

  • People in eight countries read this blog! Can you believe that? I was surprised to see this tidbit.
  • The most popular post was “If it ain’t delicious, I ain’t eating it.”
  • Most of you read this on Facebook and LinkedIn

In 2015 I hope to keep this going. Thank you for reading. I have enjoyed it.

Hey…. So many of you have contacted me about the “Because I said I would” blog! So many of you are using it in your own way: church watch services, family get togethers, connecting with your friends or just making your New Year commitments, Thank you for your feedback. So cool….

Peace in the New Year…..

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