Time To Get Your EAT ON!

Thanks giving

Ah, Thanksgiving. The one day of the year when you can stuff yourself like a pig and no one will judge you for it…except for that one pair of evil, tight pants. But don’t let the invention of elastic waistbands excuse you from making this Thanksgiving healthier than last year’s.

Here are some of my favorite ideas to keep your thanksgiving eating under control…well kind of……

Eat slowly and chew your food. This is a given right? HA! Wrong! This helps with gas, bloating, and heartburn. Not to mention it will give your brain enough time to get the signal that you’re full.

Don’t nap between dinner and dessert. Understandably, heartburn is more likely to occur on Thanksgiving than usual. It’s also a time when people like to take post-meal naps. Research has proven, however, that lying down worsens the pain of heartburn.

Eat the healthiest foods first. At the start of the meal, I recommend eating veggies then protein before carbs. This ensures filling up on nutrients before the foods with higher fat content.

Practice mindful eating. The best way to do that? Take your time. Put your fork down between bites, engage in conversation. Mindless eating often leads to eating too much, eating the wrong foods, or both. Since Thanksgiving and the delicious food that comes with it only come around once a year, try and take this time to appreciate the good food.

Keep portions small. I have the mindset where you try everything but don’t eat anything. That way I can last longer during the afternoon!

One of the best traditions of my family is to go back to my Aunt Joyce’s house the next day after shopping to eat leftovers. We see what everybody got on sale and get together once again. It just wouldn’t be the Thanksgiving holiday without it.

Peace and blessings to your family.

Milwaukee here I come…..


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