Eat On The Cheap!


Almost every person who plans on eating healthier is faced with one very common slippery slope… good food can cost more money. Whether you’re looking to invigorate your meal plan with organic products for a healthier system or just add more variety of fruits, vegetables, and  appetite suppressants like almonds and nuts, your grocery bill each week could be a little higher. I’m one of those people who knows that you CAN eat clean on the cheap.  Here are just a couple of ideas:

Buy In Bulk

There are certain foods like nuts (appetite suppressants), protein, yogurt, chicken breasts and soups that are relatively expensive when purchased alone but provide great deals when bought in bulk. Look for foods that store and preserve well so having them spoil and going bad isn’t an issue.

Manage Your Food So It Doesn’t Go Bad

There’s nothing worse than spending a boat load of money on fruits, and vegetables only to have the bananas turn pitch black and the sweet potato sprouting legs and walking off before you can even enjoy it. Eating well on a budget requires managing of your food so that it gets used up in due time.

Make a Shopping List Every Time

It’s important to avoid impulse buys by making a shopping list for every trip to the supermarket. Along those same lines you should try to avoid multiple trips to the store in a week and make one focused trip to stick to your budget.

Keep Dining Out To a Minimum

It’s good to enjoy a night out with somebody else doing the cooking for you every now and then but that $40 + bill can really put a dent in your healthy eating budget.  Even things like buying your lunch at work can add up over time to impact your pocket book. If you limit you dining out frequencies to a minimum you’ll be able to eat better and more diverse throughout the week.

Quote for this week: The food you eat can be the most powerful form of medicine, or the slowest form of poison.


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