Soup’s On!

cream of mushroom soup – a one pot quick and easy recipe of cream of mushroom soup. vegetarian recipe.  #soup #mushroom

As the weather changes all around the United States, it is time for some ideas for low carb eating that won’t mess with your change of lifestyle. My girlfriend Patti makes this great soup and every time a group of our friends get together, some asks Patti for this recipe.

Let me pass this on to you:

Mushroom Soup

2Pounds Mushrooms (thickly sliced)

2  Red onions

2  Cloves garlic (I use 4)

10 Teaspoons Butter (split 6/4)

6 Teaspoons Flour

1 Teaspoons Thyme


1/2C Soy sauce

2Cup Vegetable/beef/chicken stock

2 Cup Cream (I use ½ & ½)

2 Cup Milk (I use 2%)

Wash/slice Mushrooms. Chop onion & garlic. Melt 6T butter in stock pot. Sauté Mushrooms, onion & garlic for about 5 minutes or until Mushrooms are cooked but not limp. Remove from pot.  Add 4T butter to stock pot at medium heat & melt. Stir flour into butter. Add thyme, pepper & soy & stir for 3-4 minutes.

Slowly stir in stock, then cream, then milk cooking until thickened & heated thru.

Return Mushroom stuff to pot & mix thoroughly.

Thanks Patti!

Quote of the week: Cooking with love provides food for the soul.


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