I Just Can’t Let It Go!


OK I can’t sleep at night. I’ve tried all of the good tricks out there: don’t eat two hours before you go to sleep, turn off the TV or move the TV out of your room and keep the room cooler. I even take 5htp which makes you relaxed but I can’t seem to close the deal when it is time to sleep.  My mom suggest I get a pad of paper and put it by my bed and write down stuff as it comes to mind. That might work if I had a table by my bed….no such luck. During this summer, it doesn’t matter what time I finally fall asleep, I get up by 7:30 am to take a walk. If I wait any longer it is too hot in New Orleans to get through my exercise routine.

So here are some ideas I been toying with to get a good nights’ sleep:

  • Instead of playing a computer game before bed I am going to start reading. I am not a big fan of reading….well let me say I only read for information, not for entertainment. I am going to switch this up or at least try. Oh and I am going to read a real book, not from my tablet.
  • I am going to flip my mattress. I think I have been sleeping on the same side for too long and can’t find a way to get comfortable. I bought new pillows recently so I know that is not the problem.
  • OK I know I live in New Orleans but no alcohol before bed. While it may make me fall asleep faster, alcohol reduces my sleep quality, waking me up later in the night. Alcohol is cheaper than milk here! Ha!
  • Stop talking to my friends late at night. We start brainstorming and I can’t shut my mind down when I get ready to go to sleep.  I also turn off my phone when I go to sleep because I have a friend who starts texting at night when he can’t sleep!

I have three major projects on my mind. All make me anxious and a little tense. So does sleep deprivation make you gain weight? According to some articles I read, yep. But here is the reason why. When you are sleepy you tend to reach for comfort foods. The immediate result? You may be able to fight off sleepiness. The ultimate result? Unwanted pounds as poor food choices set the stage for weight gain and further sleep loss.  I am in trouble…..HA!

Quote for this week: I want to sleep, but my brain won’t stop talking to itself!


One Comment on “I Just Can’t Let It Go!

  1. Excellent idea to read for enjoyment, that should knock you right out. Correct to get the TV out of the bedroom…..good night babygirl!

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