Wanna Bite Of My Doritos?

Plant and protein

It’s funny….my favorite snack used to be Doritos.  They were easy to carry with me, they could keep for a long time and I could always get a good size bag for a buck. I had them in my desk at work, my car glove compartment, and my work bag. I had them everywhere. So I would have several bags working constantly. But when I started to do this Low Carb lifestyle or in Low Carb Land they call it WoE (Way of Eating), I traded my Doritos for nuts.  It kind of gave me the same feeling. But the benefit I didn’t expect was the extra protein I ate every day.  It kept my mood regulated and kept my hunger down. Here are my suggestions on why you should get more protein into your WoE:

1. Maintain a desirable weight. Eating a low carbohydrate, low but moderate to high protein diet will help keep your weight down. Protein cannot turn into fat and cannot be stored. Even if eaten in excess, it will not have negative effects. This has been so helpful in my weight loss journey.  I eat much more protein and vegetables than I ever did in my life. I just had to learn how to like different varieties.

2. Build and repair muscle. Your body needs protein to maintain muscle and other body tissues. It is also needed to make enzymes and hormones. Your body will begin to break down your muscle if you don’t get enough protein. Other than the obvious reasons you want muscle on your body, it also helps burn calories. The more muscle you have, the more fat you will burn even at a state of rest.

3. Fill up quicker and stay full longer. This will in turn result in eating less overall.  Before stuffing your face to satisfy that growl in your belly, consider grabbing a protein rich snack. I like Greek yogurt to make me feel full. It tastes like something good I shouldn’t be eating and is full of protein.  Try to eat the Greek Yogurt with fewer amounts of carbohydrates.  Protein prolongs satiety much more than carbohydrates or fat. Working more into each meal will help you stay full.  Good sources of protein include meat, fish, eggs, dairy, beans, nuts and soy. Seafood and meat are the most common although it is important to look for lean sources.

Thought for the week: When nothing goes right….go left!


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