OK I Can Wear My Summer Clothes. Now What?


At the end of the summer last year, my girlfriend talk me into buying summer clothes that were one size smaller than what I was wearing. Here is her theory: Cheap prices for you summer gear and they will fit correctly. (That means nothing too big or a sloppy look.) She was absolutely right! I can perfectly fit my summer wear and everything from last year just looks too big. But doggone it…I am getting tired of exercising! I admit it. But I won’t be able to wear my CLOTHES.

It’s easy to feel motivated at the start of your diet: you’re taking steps towards better health, you’re enthusiastic about a new goal, maybe other people around you are joining in … and the first few weeks go brilliantly. But then, your weight loss slows down, life gets busier, and your diet and exercise routine become monotonous. Your motivation is disappearing almost as fast as the chocolate hobnobs in your desk drawer…Here is five ways to keep up your motivation for your diet:

Look at how far you’ve come

Do you have a photo from “before” you started dieting? Dig one out, and remind yourself how well you’ve done so far – whether you’ve lost three pounds or three stone. If you recorded your starting weight, then think how much you’ve lost. Or look at your diet diary and see how much healthier your choices are today compared with a few months ago.

Read some great quotes

Some writers and speakers have the knack of giving pithy, uplifting, or funny quotes which can distract us from thinking about what’s in the fridge. I also post mine on Pinterest.

 Talk or write about your feelings

Bottling up your thoughts, worries and frustrations about your diet and exercise won’t help you to stay motivated. Talk things through with a trusted friend or relative – or, if you don’t have anyone you can chat to, try writing in a journal about how you feel.

Treat yourself to something nice

This is my FAVORITE! When you’ve worked hard, it’s good to reward yourself. Give yourself a little present for how well you’ve done with your healthy living plans so far – it doesn’t matter if you’ve not even lost a pound, so long as you’ve made changes to your lifestyle. How about buying a novel by one of your favorite authors, going to the movies, or buying some new clothes to show off your improved figure? I bought new gym clothes recently, not because I needed them, I COULD FINALLY FIT THEM! YIPPIE!

Subscribe to blogs which you enjoy, so you get frequent updates

This is one of my favorite ways to keep my motivation up, to stay focused on healthy living and to keep learning more about good nutrition and exercise practices: read blogs. I read a couple about other people and their weight loss, and plus size clothes styles. They all come about once a week and I find them very interesting.

My quote for this week: Don’t wait until you reach your goal to be proud of yourself. Be proud of each step you take in reaching that goal.


3 Comments on “OK I Can Wear My Summer Clothes. Now What?

  1. I’m glad you have a girlfriend that has a 6th sense fashion!!! 🙂

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