Has It Been 50 Years Already?

Yvette baby

Today is my 50th birthday. Wow what a ride it has been! But I have to be honest; I never thought I would make it to this age. Really. When I weighed 423 I went to the doctor one day and she said “Do you understand that you are killing yourself? See if they have fill-in wills at Walgreens while you wait for all this medication.” I couldn’t hear her concern because of the way she presented it and never saw her again. But she had a very valid point. I was hurting myself purposely.  People can kill themselves with smoking, drugs and alcohol, I just chose food.   These are the things I learned to value about my own life:

The only person I can control is myself. If I had learned this by the time I was 40….I would be rich right now. What a waste of time. Hell it is hard enough just trying to control myself let alone another adult!

The only person that cares about my past is me. Unless someone is asking for a reference from former employment, then yes your past counts. New people in your life don’t care what happen to you at 14. They just want to get to know the person you are now.   I can not change the past…that is my it is called PAST! Believe me dwelling on the past…another waste of time.

See beyond my fat.  For years, the only thing I saw was my fat.  It ruled everything. Everything started with “but it can’t be true because I am fat.” I am talking about everything including my education, my love life even my hair color! Don’t you know big girls like me don’t wear very light hair color! HA! You should see it now!

Learn to take a compliment. When someone says, “you look great!” They mean it. They don’t have to say it. You really do look GREAT! This lesson was just learned recently. I used to think well what did I look like the last time you saw me? But I have learned to let that go and just say thank you. Why take care of yourself and never accept your hard work?  WASTE OF TIME!

For my birthday week the saying has been: You are only as old as you remember you are! Ha!


4 Comments on “Has It Been 50 Years Already?

  1. Yvette, just reading my email, beautiful toddler and beautiful comments about t
    your life. you are truly a beautiful person, smart too. E Carter

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