Weighing All My Options

This week I am in Southern California presenting at the National Head Start Conference. I knew this conference was coming up for about two months. Now the crazy thing is I was never nervous about how my two presentations would be received. I feel I am an expert in my field and I give great information to Head Start programs. But I was concerned about my size being accepted. In 2000, I did my post graduate work at UCLA at the Anderson School of Business with Head Start programming. All the time I attended UCLA I worried about my weight. Los Angeles is such a weight conscious city. All we ate was salad for lunch and salmon for dinner! HA! At that time I hated both! Nobody eats regular food here and everybody exercises frequently! This is the ultimate body beautiful town. So if you don’t think your body is all that beautiful…..it can be depressing.

If I have my own pitiful opinion towards Southern California, check out this picture. This just tells me I’m RIGHT!

scale in california

This is in my hotel bathroom….A SCALE? Who puts a scale in hotel bathroom? C’mon! HA!

Here are some great ideas about how to keep up with your weight without relying on a scale.


This is as simple as breaking out the old measuring tape and measuring your bust, waist, hips, upper arm, thigh, calf, and ankle. These are the areas where the body tends to store fat. You’ll probably see more encouraging changes in these measurements as you progress in your program than you will by standing on a scale.


The best indicators for weight loss can be found right in your own closet. The “clothes test” is my personal choice for monitoring your weight. The satisfaction of seeing your clothes become less snug, or shopping for smaller sizes, is far more rewarding than any number on a scale.


Chances are, if you’ve taken off weight and added muscle, you’ll have more energy for your daily activities. And you’ll definitely notice changes at the gym, where you’ll have more stamina and strength. If you’ve added another step in step class, can lift progressively more weight for more reps, or have doubled your walking mileage, take it as proof positive that you’re making progress.


It’s as simple as it sounds. Take off all your clothes, stand in front of the mirror, jump up and down, see what jiggles. You might feel a little silly doing this, but the idea is to encourage familiarity with your body. As the weight comes off, you’ll see less jiggling in those places that shouldn’t. The point is not to fixate on what you don’t like (namely the fat), and to focus on the positive changes in your body (more muscle tone and definition).

This week’s saying: “It’s never too late to change your life.”


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