Change Is Good…Right?


Last week Thursday I came to home to continue the process of packing my house. When I started this course of action I never felt sad. I took this as a new adventure. I was stepping out of my comfort zone and making a new life.  But this week I have a different feeling. There is something about this trip that signals finality. Let me give you some examples:

I had four offers to rent my home:  I haven’t had anyone live in the upper apartment in four years! I never found anyone who would live there. Now I have four offers! And if I time this right I can have the upper and lower levels rented in the next 90 days. CRAZY timing!

All my projects in my new city are really coming together: I am very busy with my projects and everything is becoming productive.  Even things I never thought of until two weeks ago are coming to fruition. This is very exciting and very stressful.

My niece has spent the last two evenings with me packing: This has been her seven year old conversation, “So Aunt Vett, once you get a house can I come and stay to help unpack? Do I need to come to your new house to help the cat get settled? Will I have my own room like at Grandma’s house? Will you stay with us when you have to come home? Will you and I still be very close?” She never asked me so many questions about moving.

So why do I say all this? I WANT TO EAT! I want to make a chocolate cake and eat it warm. I want a potato with everything on it….twice baked!  Some warm cookies I made would be great right about now. I could really eat some baked macaroni and cheese. I just want to comfort myself. Since I am usually the one who comforts those around me, this is the only way I know to calm myself. (That is legal. HA!)

But God promised me if I took this leap of faith, he would sustain me. And boy has He! I just have stay composed and do my part. Now that is the hard part…..really hard.

My saying for this week: “Your desire to change must be greater than your desire to stay the same.”

Let me go eat some berries and sit down somewhere….


7 Comments on “Change Is Good…Right?

  1. it is absolutely beautiful! without it, there would be no butterflies…

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