Exercise Is Like Medicine… Take Every Day To Ensure Good Health!

 sweat like a pig

This winter, I have had the opportunity to live in a warmer climate than my home state. Most days, I can take a long walk in the morning before I start my projects. This has made such a change in my attitude!  I have a different feeling of confidence and conviction. When my body releases serotonin, I can get through the day with a clear mind.

I HATE to exercise….I really do.  But I hate to take more diabetes and high blood pressure medicine even more than exercise. Since starting my weight loss journey, I am down to one pill for diabetes (I no longer take insulin) and I take no medicine for high blood pressure. So here are some reasons to keep up with your exercise:

Stress Relief: Feeling tense? Overwhelmed? Unappreciated? Taking regular exercise breaks, as short as 30 minutes a day, can refresh and relax you. Use the time to calm yourself, regain perspective on what’s important, or even figure out a solution to a problem. I swear it works!

Fat-Be-Gone: By working out, you’re losing fat and gaining muscle. Regular exercisers often have body fat levels at least 5% lower than the average person. You’ll probably go down a clothing size or two, because muscle, though heavier than fat, takes up less space. I saying to my mom a couple of weeks ago how I am getting a new shape that I totally am not accustomed to seeing! It is taking a minute to get used to the difference.

A Spring in Your Step: Working out can raise your VO2 max (the amount of oxygen your muscles can use) by up to 40%. That means you have more energy and everyday tasks become easier.

Cold-Killer: Aerobic exercise bolsters your immune system. You’re better prepared to fight off viruses and other nasty stuff.

Another great quote from Pinterest this week: Think of your workouts as important meetings you schedule with yourself. Bosses don’t cancel.


P.S. I’ve lost 10 pounds so far! 40 more to go! Yeah! Thanks for the motivation……



  1. You look good Yvette keep up the good work. Thanks for the motivation I wish that I were in a warmer climate I feel the change in the weather would do more for me.

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