On The Road Again….

My 46th birthday; 90 pounds down!

This week I am traveling and it is very difficult to stick to my regime.  Why you ask?

  1. My colleagues eat everything!
  2. I want to taste everything on the menu…especially if I have never been to that city before now!
  3. I can’t get enough exercise into my daily routine!

Let’s Start with My Colleagues: They are very supportive of my weight loss. They never intentionally hand me a candy bar. But when they bite into a sandwich, roll their eyes into the back of their head and say “This is so good. You got to try it!” Or suck down garlic mashed potatoes with their dinner….I am a goner.  My willpower for other people’s food is as bad as my own.  Just ask my sister. I will get her to order French fries, just so I can have two of them! Now that I think about it, I do this to all my friends and my family. I don’t like the taste after two.

New City=New Tastes: I have been to a lot of new cities lately. My motto is that “if you can eat it at home don’t eat it away from home.” OK, that is becoming a very bad habit. There are so many different cuisines to try in the United States. The only motivator I have to watch what I eat is to keep wearing my pants I brought in the suitcase with me.  I don’t own a suitcase big enough to pack “fat” clothes and “skinny” clothes.

My Daily Routine of Exercise: I move my body every day except for Sunday for at least an hour. I try to do this in the morning before I start my day. Exercise is just like taking a pill to me. I hate to do it but I feel so much better when I do. I am a much friendlier and agreeable person.  But if I keep waking up in different time zones, there is no consistency.

So here are some ideas I found that might be helpful to you while you are on your travels:

Pack food. If you’re going on trip, purchase a small cooler or an insulated lunch bag. This way, when you’re hungry, you have a healthy option on hand. Nuts and berries are always great snacks!

Before leaving, look up potential restaurants you may want to visit on your trip. Pull up their menus online to identify some friendly options you can select when eating out.

Don’t drink your meals. Eventually at some point during your vacation you are going to want to splurge and have something off your diet plan. One glass of regular soda can easily be 200 calories and after a couple of refills you can drink 600 calories and not even realize it.


Alcohol is a tricky thing. Many drinks are packed with calories and sugar, making it a poor option for healthy eating. Alcohol also lowers your ambitions making you more likely to overeat or easily go off plan. One glass of wine is 20 carbs.  If you are eating less than 100 carbs in a day…that is almost ¼ of your day!

Here is something I found funny on Pinterest this week: If losing weight was as easy as losing my keys, my cell phone, my temper or even my mind, I’d be so skinny!


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