Guess What? I Can Fit In The Restaurant Booth!

???????????????????????????????Asha and Yvette 2010; 70 pounds lost

Recently my mom, brother and I went out for dinner. The hostess at the restaurant asked us “Table or Both?” I said booth was fine. My mom did a double take.  She started whispering, “You said booth! Do you remember when you couldn’t  sit in a booth?”

Sometimes in my mind I still think I can’t sit in a booth, depending on my self-esteem on that particular day.  My mind won’t let me be smaller…..bigger is safer. It is what I know and I have become comfortable in it. Remember, I don’t know me at a small size. The last time I was this size I was in high school. So I have a hard time letting go of my bigger clothes.  Not that they fit, but I might need them one day. HA!

Here some thoughts I that I try to keep in mind when I need to let go:

Don’t linger in the past: “Past is past; it’s time to move on” as they always say. You may had the biggest butt in high school and your schoolmates made fun of you; NEVER let this past experience pull you down but instead see it as a motivation to prove to them (and yourself) that you CAN have a lean body.

Forgive yourself: Go easy on yourself because you are a work in progress. You have to know that losing weight healthy is a gradual process; from a pound of burger to half a pound to a quarter pound until you are satisfied in eating a healthy salad. So, if you are tempted to eat a piece of that blueberry cheesecake, go ahead have a couple of bites and learn to forgive yourself.

Praise your progress: If you notice that you lost a pound, give yourself a pat in the back and say “I DID GREAT!” Losing weight is definitely not as easy as it may sound so every progress (big or small) that you achieved should be recognized. When I lost 100 pounds instead of going out to dinner with my family and friends….we had a big bowling party!

 Remember Lucille Ball said: “Love yourself first and everything else will fall into place.”


6 Comments on “Guess What? I Can Fit In The Restaurant Booth!

  1. Yvette, you are amazing! Keep up the good work and thanks for being such an inspiration!

  2. Wow Yvette! I haven’t seen you since high school, so when I saw the pictures of how big you were I was very surprised. NOW you don’t look much different at all from how you looked in high school. Reading your blog was very inspiring and encouraging for anyone who is battling anything in their life. You never realize what the struggles are for other people until you hear their story. It helps some people to realize that their struggle isn’t much different than anyone else’s. Thank you for telling your story and helping others to know that they are not alone….especially someone dealing with something that affects their self-esteem. You really are a strong, courageous woman.

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