THE FIRST: Carbing Out My Life

Dobbs and Woods 2007

Did you ever think that the best way to heal your deepest secret was to tell the world about it?  HA! Me either! Well that was until the beginning of this year. I felt the need to tell the world about how I lost weight….lot of weight actually…..

Katrina Mayer says, “Some people come into your life to teach you things… didn’t even know you needed to learn.”  This weight loss journey has been a learning experience. Learning to appreciate myself, the people in my life and the process of change, I have become a different person.

My weight held back my admiration of my own talents and gifts. When I walked into a room, I thought that the only thing ANYBODY ever saw was my size.  I am the kind of woman that men would say “You have a pretty face and such beautiful eyes, too bad you are so big.” (WAIT and say that to my face!)

In 2007, my grandmother died. I had gotten a divorced and I had gained about 100 pounds.  Weight comes on your body overnight! OK maybe not, but when you are not paying attention it sure seems like it. Before I knew it, I couldn’t shop in The Avenue anymore because they didn’t have a big enough size. I wore the biggest size Catherine’s and most times had to order online to buy that size. I had to ask for extensions for my seat on planes because I couldn’t fit anymore. I couldn’t walk two blocks without stopping and rubbing my back   But my saving grace came when my sister gave birth to my niece. I refused to miss my time with Asha.  I wanted to be able to do things, move around, play, and just live…..

Jump forward 7 years and here I am.  As a result, I have an interesting story to tell. Some of it is thought-provoking, some it is exciting and some it is just down right painful. But I am going tell it anyway….

I will tell you a little about the process in each blog I write.  But I will also tell you about how CHALLENGING these last 50 pounds are to lose, great recipes to try and new ideas to help you with your own weight loss journey.  I might as well show you the progress, hell I have nothing else to hide….Do I?

So the theme for this week is:

                                             It takes 4 weeks for you to see your body changing;                                         It takes 8 weeks for your friends and family, and 12 weeks for the rest of the world!

Then 12 weeks it is!



5 Comments on “THE FIRST: Carbing Out My Life

  1. Vet, you know how long it takes me to figure stuff on my computer by myself, So I just now discovered your blog and how to get to it. Good job, you always was a good source of information for me, and I always told you, you could do anything you wanted to do

  2. I am so proud of YOU! This took a lot of courage and faith. Bout time 🙂

  3. Congratulations Yvette if anyone can do it you can. You are an inspiration to me.

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